Here are some links to Matt''s articles.  He writes mainly for PC Magazine, but has written
for other publications such as Eweek, Information Week, Network Computing, Intelligent Enterprise, Success Magazine and Techweb. He also writes for CDW and

Matt also write the SMB Boot Camp solutions column for PC Magazine. All of his columns can be found on this beautiful page.

Secure Your Business

Astaro Security Gateway 120 (Updated)

eSoft InstaGate 404e

SonicWall TZ 180 Wireless TotalSecure 25

Trend Micro InterScan Gateway Security Appliance 1.5

Access Smart Power LogOn Password Manager-USB Card Reader

FastTrack Schedule 9.1

The Best Free Software

LifeSize Room First Look Review

Hamachi for Windows (beta) First Look Review

BlueTie Free First Look Review

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Release Candidate 1 First Look Making the Move From VB6 to VB.NET

Intelligent Enterprise Put To The Test: WebSideStory HBX Analytics

SugarCRM Sugar Enterprise 4.5 On-demand First Look

Gordano Messaging Suite 12 First Look Do I Want to be a Manager?

Techweb: Keep Those Hits Coming: Four Low-Cost Web Site Analytics Services (CMP ran this article everywhere, Techweb, Intelligent Enterprise, InformationWeek,

Network Computing, Desktop Pipeline, Networking Pipeline, Business Intelligence Pipeline, and Small Business Pipeline)

Information Week: Filtering Workplace Web Use

Security Watch: Authentic E-mail

Security Watch: Cookies and PIE

VisiStat 2.0 First Look: Web Analytics for the Little Guy

Browser Wars Redux

Opera 8.0

Buffalo TeraStation

D-Link DSM-604H

Iomega NAS 100d

LaCie Ethernet Disk

Linksys EtherFast NAS EFG120

Maxtor Shared Storage Drive

SimpleTech SimpleShare

ServGate EdgeForce M30

Lock Down Your E-mail (feature article)

Kerio WinRoute Firewall

Firefox 1.0

Top 15 Firefox Extensions

Make the Most of Your New PC: Network

Running Windows Small Business Server

Safer, Simpler Remote Access (feature article)

WebTrends 7 Enterprise

Secure IE 2004 Deluxe Suite

Corporate IM (feature article)

Pumped Up Portable Sound (mini-feature)

Time to Find an IE Alternative

The Mitel Example (case study within VoIP feature story)

enKoo-2000 Remote Access Device

Opera 7.51

Mozilla Firefox 0.91

Nework Security: Know Your Weaknesses (feature article)

alienbrain Studio 7

Norton GoBack 3.0

CPR System Health Suite

Recovery Commander 2

Brave New Apps: The Development Tools (feature article)

Keep Hackers Out (feature article)

WebSideStory HBX

Security Event Monitoring

Best Praxtices for Site Availability and Performance

Early Warning (feature article)

Secure IM

PDA Protection

Mail Server Lockdown

Feature Packed Player

Networking: What's Next (feature article)

CISSP Review Class and Certification

Maximum Range: The Case for Antennas

Hands On With WLAN Antennas

Brainshare Proves There's Life at Novell

Interviews: Talking Networking With Novell Executives

Dell PowerConnect 5224 and SMC TigerSwitch 8624T

Dedicated Servers: I Don't Want to Share

Backup Methods and Rotation Schemes

Home Networking Primer

Compelling 3-D Graphics for the Web (Plasma 1.0)

A More Efficient Game Development Environment

N+I Show Report: Highlighting Fast, Secure, Cost-Friendly Products

Zagat to Go

Inside PC Labs: Crossing the Nile

View From Brainshare: Novell in Transition

Top 100 Web Sites: What We Found

Keeping It Safe: A Checklist for Internet Security

Web-Friendly Switch (F5 Big IP 5000)

Be Prepared - Disaster Recovery and Disaster Preparations

Do It Yourself: Perl Script to Data Warehouses

Foundry Fastiron 4802

Performance Tests: Web Server Acceleration

Benchmark Tests: Network Storage

Internet Access Like Magic, Sometimes

SilentRunner 3.0

Open-Source Challenges

ANT (Advanced Netowrk Tools)

Neo-Trace Professional

Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Novell BorderManager Enterprise Edition

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